August 18- Switching Over

   First, I want to tell you what this blog has meant to me.  It gave me the chance to vent my frustrations, share my heartache and express my deepest thoughts in order to get through the most devastating time in my life. I never in a million (or rather, ten million) years did I think I would only be writing it for a short period of time before getting pregnant. It was then my blog became something so much more than I could ever dream of. First, I was able to excitedly announce that I did the very thing my blog was entitled. I became that "one in ten million." But even more amazing than that, my story became a beacon of hope for others with my diagnosis. Since then, I have had women in over 61 countries reading my blog and over 20,000 page views. Women continually write to me telling me I have inspired them to keep on fighting and instilled hope in them, when all hope was lost. They write to me to ask questions and sometimes just to vent their frustrations, but every single one of them always thank me for giving them hope. Words cannot express the profound effect this has had on me. 

     Since becoming pregnant I've kept up with my blog, always feeling a bit apprehensive in fear I would upset those of you who are struggling with infertility. To my surprise, I've received an overwhelming amount of feedback asking me to keep posting updates because it restores a new sense of hope to see that things are progressing positively. It has been a few months now and I feel it's time for me to continue my journey in a new blog. I will still keep my previous blog out there because it is helping so many others, and I will always respond to those who write me. 

     For many years now, I have dreamed of being a memoir writer. The plan was to have the first one be about my pregnancy, whenever the time came. Being told by four different doctors that IVF wasn't even an option for me, my aspirations of writing such a memoir went down the drain. I am so very happy to be able to finally write the memoir I have always dreamed of, stemming from this blog. I am working on the actual book throughout my pregnancy. It will incorporate all the posts from both blogs and will have additional, never-before seen material included in the book.  My ultimate goal is to create a series of memoirs capturing my adventures of raising the twins. Of course, this should prove to be interesting considering I have absolutely NO experience with babies and I am about to have TWO! 

If you would like to continue following my journey, I'd love the company!

To all of you who have supporting me thus far on my journey, I am wishing you the best of luck on yours. I will ALWAYS be here if you need to talk. Keep on fighting the fight and remember these key things: 

- Doctors don't know everything!
- All it takes is ONE GOOD EGG!

Never ever lose hope!! 

Sending positive vibes your way,



  1. I started reading over your blog a few months ago and I just had to write to you as it has changed my outlook on my life!! I too have super high fsh & amh <1 but you are right it only takes one good egg!!! You have given me something POF shattered... Hope! Thank you so much, I will keep in touch as I begin my journey ttc despite also having odds like you did. Thanks again and sending hugs right now xo

  2. Hello I read your post about turning around your diagnosis with supplements and Chinese herbs? Would you mind sharing those with me? My fiancé and I have been together for 8 years I was diagnosed with POF 5 years ago and we want a baby more than anything in life. I would SOOO appreciate it my email is because I probably wont be able to see your response on here. Thank you sooo much!!

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