August 26- Hooray! Success Stories!!

Hey there... I just wanted to take a minute to let you all know that I am starting to hear from women from all over telling me about their success stories! So far I have had three different women (two in the states and one from the UK) share with me that they, too, had been given the POF diagnosis and told their only hope would be donor eggs and after a few months of doing the same regimen as me (the supplements, Chinese Medicine, etc) they have turned their diagnosis around! Two of the girls officially got their BFP and one of them their FSH went from 70 to 7 and just got their period back!!! This is absolutely AMAZING news and I couldn't be happier. I wanted to share this with you so you can have even more hope that the doctor's word isn't always final and they don't know everything! 

It means the world to me to hear from you all and the kind things you write. It is wonderful to know that my words have given hope and inspiration to so many others suffering with the same terrible condition. It was reading other people's success stories that gave me the hope I needed to stay strong and keep fighting to get my body functioning properly again. So to know I am contributing in the same way is truly a gift and an honor. 

Please continue to share your stories. It is all of us getting the word out there to each other that is causing all these positive changes and instilling hope to others all over the world!

August 5- The Big Reveal

About two weeks ago we had our monthly visit with my OB. When the receptionist originally scheduled me, she said it was for an ultrasound. I thought it was odd that it was so close to the one we had to have with Maternal Fetal Medicine the week before, but since they said I'd be getting a lot of ultrasounds with me being "super high risk" I didn't think much of it. While were at our visit with MFM the week before, the ultrasound tech told us she thought Baby B was a girl and couldn't quite tell with Baby A. So we were totally banking on my doctor being able to tell us the genders at the visit with her. Needless to say we were pretty disappointed to find out that the appointment was not for an ultrasound, but for a routine Pap! My poor hubby took time off work to come to the visit only to see me get a Pap Smear! Ewww! I'm sure that was thrilling for him. At that point the next ultrasound was going to be the Anatomy Scan at MFM on August 20th and there was NO CHANCE IN HELL we were waiting that long. I immediately jumped online and searched for the most affordable (and accurate) third party ultrasound company in town and booked an appointment. The sucky thing was that we were leaving to fly to Upstate NY to visit the inlaws the very next day so I had to book it for when we got back. Made the appointment for August 5th and impatiently waiting with bated breath...

Which brings us to today, August 5th! I could barely sleep last night I was so nervous/excited about today. We wanted so badly for it to be a boy/girl combo, but I had a feeling it could be two girls. Everyone has been asking me if I thought I knew what combination I was having and I really didn't. What I did definitely feel was that there was at least one girl in there. That I just knew at the center of my core. But had no idea what the other was. 

So the Hubs and I met at Prenatal Impressions at noon and both of us had ants in our pants. So nerve-wracking! We asked the ultrasound guy to do Baby B first, since we had already been told at our last ultrasound that there was a good chance it was a girl. And sure enough it is! They refer to the parts as being "Dangle Down" which means there are these three lines that represent the labia. I could definitely see the lines he was referring to, but the whole image looked like a big blobby mess to me, so I'll take his word for it! 
Next came Baby B. This was it, the whole enchilada. Wouldn't ya know the little bugger had it's legs crossed! After some maneuvering the tech was able to get a money shot. And as he typed the letters I'm pretty sure my heart stopped. D A N G L E   UP. 100% Boy. 
AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! It's a BOY and a GIRL!!!!!! I wanted to jump up and do a cartwheel! (which I would have totally broken an ankle or something) but I seriously couldn't believe it. Total Shock. I was seriously thinking we already have been so lucky that there was no way we'd get the boy/girl combo we wanted. But sure enough!...
I was able to see why Baby A is always moving around like crazy when we see him. He's got his sister laying on top of him at all times cramping his style! He's probably super uncomfortable in there!

So there ya have it. I just had to share. It's pretty surreal. Now it's time to solidify the names. We already have a pretty good idea of what they'll be, but we want to be 100% sure before setting it in stone. And it's also time to start planning for the nursery! I'm thinking of going with a light green baby animal jungle type theme. That's pretty gender neutral but still cute. 

eeeeeeek! I can't believe it!!!!!!!! 

Wishing you all the same kind of luck in your journey!! I've already heard from a few of you who got your BFP and I couldn't be more elated for you. I believe we ALL have a chance so never, ever give up!