September 6- Another Success Story!!!

Hi guys!

I recently had someone write to me on my Twinspirational blog to share with me their story that was similar to mine. She went through TWO rounds of IVF unsuccessfully and had given up on the Western Medicine route after that. She began doing things naturally by taking all the same types of supplements as me and lo and behold she became spontaneously pregnant with twins!!! Such exciting news I just HAD to share it with you!!

Here is a link to her blog if you'd like to read her story!

Thank you, Petunia, for sharing your story and inspiring hope in others going through the same situation and best of luck on your journey! I will definitely be following your blog as well! :-)


  1. Wow, i really like this and you are right, gives women like me hope. Although for me, the hardest part is to stay hopeful and positive since nothing has happened in the last 12 months not even a known miscarriage, i feel like my eggs are just crap or my immune system is crap. However, it is so good to hear and read real blogs about real women!

    As for me, i was so looking forward to talking to you today! I tried posting yesterday from my laptop at home but, laptop does not post my comments :( I had 2 follies on sunday 2.0 and 2.1 and one other one 1.4 which may or may not catch up. These 2 follies were also from two different ovaries so, the RE was really happy with that. He said i responded really well to Fermara we did trigger me yesterday morning and did one iui and this morning all my follies are still hanging around and i am doing round two of IUI. Hubby was with me in the room yesterday and him and Dr. were hopeful while i was making plans for the next cycle. Still, i feel happy that ovaries did their job this cycle and here is to hope that i will be another success story!

    I also wanted to thank you for cheering me on and supporting me! Feel so good not to be alone and to talk to someone who just knows..

  2. Hi Cole, i keep forgetting to identify myself in my posts, the one above is from E.D :)

  3. I was diagnosed in my early 30s and had super high FSH. I was told by so many docs that I'd never get pregnant. I now have 2 beautiful girls who are 10 and 12. I remember doing the acupuncture and wheatgrass...I wish I could remember what else I did. I tried everything! Now, I worry about them and hope they don't have what I did, which is why I still worry about POF.

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