March 29- The Big O?

Ok so really weird. I of course have been regularly checking my cervical mucus (man, I hate saying that... It just sounds gross) but I need to be straight forward with this stuff. So as I'm sure we all know it's supposed to change throughout your cycle. Well, given that I don't have a cycle at the moment, it has pretty much stayed consistently the same. (Although I'm not Sahara dry like I was two months ago before I started all the herbs and supplements). Anyway... Last week for a few days I noticed it was sticky. And one day even pretty egg whitish. I wasn't jumping up and down excited but it did piqué my interest. Then for the last week my boobs have been SOOO sore. Which is really strange. Like shower water hurting them. So when I was at my TCM/Acupuncture appointment this week I told the Dr. all that and she said it sounds like I ovulated. That I would know in about ten days (so early-mid next week) by whether or not I'm surfing the crimson tide. I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm too afraid to. But it's hard not having it perpetually in the back of my mind. That would be like me telling you not to think of a yellow school bus. See... you're thinking of one. So yeah... if it happens it happens but I'd be really surprised. Besides, I'd rather think I won't get it and be pleasantly surprised than get my hopes up and be disappointed. Although who am I kidding, I'm sure I'd be disappointed either way. All I can do is wait and see.

I'll keep you posted...


  1. I am interested in continuing to read you blog :) I am with you, I actually just started to write my own. I currently feel like I have no readers, so maybe you could humor me and check it out once lol! Good luck!!! I hope you ovulated, I know I haven't in so long I don't really remember

  2. I am so stinking proud of you. I truly believe you will be an inspiration for many ladies out there. I hope that you did have the big O. While we may not have the exact same issues, I really understand what you are feeling and thinking, and will always be here for ya. Keep fighting the good fight.


    one half of the A team.