April 2- Doctor Double Whammy

Wow, so today I got calls from TWO different Dr.'s offices!...The first one stemmed from The Fertility Authority who contacted me from one of my fertility forum posts. We have been writing back and forth the past few weeks and her goal has been to find me a local Dr. who would be willing to give me a second opinion. Now, when I say second opinion it is not that I think a different doctor is going to tell me I don't have POF... I am just looking to find someone who doesn't consider me a lost cause after two visits and one blood test like the last Dr. did. So after a few weeks of searching, My contact at The Fertility Authority found what they think will be a good match! What is really cool about it is she actually called the office for me and explained my situation to see if they would take me as a patient. She explained that the office was very sweet on the phone and that they pride themselves on giving compassionate care. Definitely what I am looking for. So I got it all set up and I have an appointment for next Wednesday morning at 8am!

I am really nervous about it though. Like butterflies in my stomach. Not the idea of meeting a new Dr. or the process behind it. What I fear is my numbers. While I want to be retested to see if all these alternative treatments and supplements are working, I'm absolutely terrified that they aren't. Don't get me wrong, it's only been a little over two months so I'm not expecting miracles. Hell, I'd honestly be happy if it only showed a slight change. It's the thought of there being NO change or, dare I say it, if the numbers are somehow even worse... that's what gives me palpitations.
But I need to bite the bullet and see where I stand. And maybe this new Dr. will at least want to TRY to work with me and not drop me like a hot potato.

So shortly after all this I got a phone call. Remember the Dr. in NJ I wrote to who specializes in High FSH and reproductive hormone disorders? (Dr. Check at the Cooper Institute) Well his office called to tell me he got my letter and would like to accept me as a patient!! If all else fails I feel like this might be the one place that can help me, as they specialize in reproductive hormone disorders and are known for having success stories with even some women who were completely in menopause! Hey, I know it's not a sure thing... but it's the best chance I've got. My appointment is set for June 11th. Two months. I grew up there so I have family I can stay with while I'm there. Then after the initial visit he'll work with me via phone and email and send me for lab work and ultrasounds as needed.

When I called the hubs to tell him I got the call he was really excited and then said, "Wow. This is real." Which is kinda how I feel right now. Like, it's one thing to talk about the possibility of trying different things, but setting an actual appointment in a way solidified it all.

For now, all I can do is wait. And keep doing what I can to fight this battle in every possible way.

UPDATE: Came down with the flu so had to reschedule my appointment until Thurs April 18th. More waiting...

But at least my flight is booked for my appointment with Dr. Check in Jersey!


  1. Glad you are moving forward with finding a good RE who will work with you!

    As for your numbers, how have you been feeling lately? I could always tell when my FSH was high and estrogen was low based on how I felt. Those hot flashes / flushes are unmistakable! Hopefully you'll have good responses to your alternative treatments and supplements!

  2. Ya know... it's hard to say. I definitely haven't had any hot flashes lately and I'm not going from zero to emotional basket case in 60 seconds so I'll take that as a positive thing! Boobs are still sore, but not as bad as they were a few days ago and IF I were to get a visit from AF it would be right about now so... waiting to see. It's weird though, I keep thinking I am feeling stuff going on down there but then I wonder if it's psychosomatic because I'm expecting it... Guess we'll find out!

    Thanks so much for asking! :-)