April 13- Here we gO again...

Ok... So in the oh so fun adventures of checking cervical mucus (now I see why people just go with writing CM! Less of an ick mental image). But as of yesterday it was back to stretchy egg white status (mmm breakfast anyone?). And here's the kicker... It was pretty much exactly 28 days ago that this happened the first time! Which if you recall, was followed by major boob hurtage. So there HAS to be something to this, right? If not, that's an awfully big coincidence. It would appear my body is TRYING like the Little Engine That Could to start working again. My husband refers to it like a car trying to start. Each time the engine revs a little more and hopefully it will eventually turn over.

So, needless to say it was go time with the Hubs- or as it is said on the forums, BD (which I learned stands for Baby Dance)- and of course 86'd the lube just in case.

This Thurs. is my appointment with the new RE to get my numbers rechecked and see if anything has changed. I will definitely run all this by him and see what he thinks. In the meantime we'll just have to spend the next few days practicing the horizontal lambada and hope for the ovulation fairy to sprinkle some baby dust my way. Or hey, at least a visit from dear old Aunt Flo!

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