April 6- The Big nO

Well... Aunt Flo never paid me a visit. So I guess that means I didn't ovulate. I'd like to think the changes in cervical mucus and ridiculously sore breasts at least means SOMETHING is going on with my hormones.

What did come is a very bad case of the flu. I've never had the flu, and I can assure you I never want it again. Whole body hurts. Feel like death and look like a Walker. If I start grunting and trying to chew on my husband, he's been instructed to shoot me.

Not sure if I should reschedule my new Dr visit on Wednesday. With me being so sick I don't want it to effect my blood work. I don't know if it would have on hormones, but I did read it alters thyroid levels so maybe I should hold off. Which REALLY sucks. :-(

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  1. Way to stay positive :) it has to mean something right? The same is going on with me right now, still waiting to see if aunt flow comes around.

    If you have what I just got over it was miserable!!! It lasted almost 2 weeks and I am still a bit congested! Feel better soon!

    About the Dr, maybe call them and see if they would suggest you reschedule. I know it does screw with thyroid levels and that is tricky.