April 18- Trying A Different RE

Today I went to check out a different RE in town. One that the Fertility Authority recommended to me. I didn't go in with any high expectations or thoughts that the Dr. would tell me the first RE was crazy and I'm really fine. I know I'm not. Numbers don't lie and I still haven't gotten a period, so I definitely didn't walk into the clinic with any sort of delusions that I'd get a different prognosis. The purpose for my visit, really, was to just get rechecked to see if all the alternative supplements and treatments are doing anything. Even if it is only a little bit, I'd be okay with that.

So I went to meet with the Dr. at this other fertility clinic. I was a little concerned that I had called FOUR times in the weeks prior to coming to ask that they email me the forms to fill out so I could have them completed before my appointment. Each time the same receptionist answered and told me she would email them right away and even read my email address off to me to ensure it was correct. Never got sent. So I would up having to fill out the forms when I arrived at the facility. The office was a bit outdated and the receptionist seemed a bit disorganized. But whatevs, my desk is always cluttered with paper at work so I can't judge. Anyway, I went through my story and gave him my previous test results and he talked with me for a while. I told him about my experience with the last RE being so final and negative and that I only had two visits at that clinic before having the POF bomb dropped on me. He said that Drs tend to think in definites. That they know of disorders and conditions and what treatments follow them, but with POF there is no treatment so all they have are statistics and studies to go by. And that if the prognosis isn't good they feel the need to shake the patient into the reality of the situation, not necessarily taking into consideration that patients' need to feel hope. He went on to say some of the same things that the other RE had said and that "only 10% of women with POF get pregnant and it's not because of any Dr. or supplement or alternative treatment... that there is no rhyme or reason it just happens." Which I don't buy that. Because all the people who have written to say they did all these alternative things after being told they had no chance went on to get pregnant naturally. I don't think that's a coincidence. But it's not "medical" so Drs don't really know much about it. They only live in their little bubble of scientific facts and FDA approved blankityblanks. As we continued talking, I was wondering when he was going to take me back to another room to do the ultrasound. He never did. I guess he saw me as just another person with not much of a chance. In fact, when I was first telling my story he stopped me and said, "oh that's right, we talked on the phone earlier this week, right?" Wrong. I had never spoken with him. So he must get lots of patients like me looking for second opinions and a little hope. He did say he had an article for me to read, then opened up his filing cabinet to look for it (which I also thought seemed a bit outdated, but hey, not THAT important in the grand scheme of things). He did throw in the usual catch phrase given to POFers... the dreaded "when you're ready to give up there is always the Donor Egg option." Yeah, not there yet.

Before long we were rapping up the conversation. He told me I still technically had a year before having to get my numbers checked again but I quickly said I want them checked anyway to see if anything I am doing is working. (To which he reminded me that he didn't believe any of those things make a difference). So he wrote me two different scripts to take to a lab whenever I wanted I wanted and said he would be happy to let me know the results over the phone.Then he actually said, "oh and if you liked today's appointment today there is a place on my website for patient testimonials... but if you didn't like the appointment, don't write anything." Really?? LOL Wow. 

So tomorrow I will get my labwork done and see where things stand. Nervous. But I just gotta know if there is even a slight change since the first set of tests...

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  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I was recently diagnosed at 34 with POF. I have a 14 month old son and was absolutely floored when they told me I'd never be a mom again. My doctor said the EXACT same things, word for word. I've read all your entries and keep going back...I know there is hope. This one just hit me so hard because you are right, doctors see in black and white. They can't explain it, so it doesn't exist. Good for you for not believing it. You've given me hope. Real hope.