April 3- For My Readers...

First, I want to say I am absolutely amazed to see there are people all over the world from the U.K. all the way to Australia reading my blog. Wow. It's unreal. But as much as I think that is so unbelievably awesome, I want my readers to know that the number one reason I am writing this is so that other women with POF (or any infertility issues for that matter) know they are not alone. There is a whole world out there filled with others who are struggling through the same nightmare. So when I write, it's not just for me to share my experiences through all this... I would love to hear from you, too! My goal is to make this a place for us to share success stories, give comfort, provoke a smile, brainstorm ideas, and foster a little positivity with all this depressing shit, damn it! ;-)

So go ahead share your story, take a load off. And we can all be here with oodles of support, encouragement and hope for each other.

Ok I sound like a Hallmark card.
I'm such a sap!

Big hugs to you all. <3


  1. Hey, I know you had some bad feedback on the IF board of The Bump when you were trying to post your blog. But I wanted to say thanks for posting it as I've been reading it and relate to a lot of what you're saying. Also, I wanted to tell you there is a DOR/POF check in every Wednesday on the Bump if you're interested in reading or participating.


  2. I found your blog after recovering from a complete emotional breakdown after seeing the words “Premature Ovarian Failure” added to my patient health portal this morning. My next RE appointment is on Tuesday, and I’m relieved to see that there are still other options if my RE either is no longer willing to work with me or expresses that my “only” option now is an egg donor. (I’m not opposed to this option, but also not ready to go this route without exhausting other options.) Thank you so much for sharing your experience through your blog. It’s taken me from feeling like I was given a death sentence to regaining a sense of hope in a matter of hours. ❤️