April 3- For My Readers...

First, I want to say I am absolutely amazed to see there are people all over the world from the U.K. all the way to Australia reading my blog. Wow. It's unreal. But as much as I think that is so unbelievably awesome, I want my readers to know that the number one reason I am writing this is so that other women with POF (or any infertility issues for that matter) know they are not alone. There is a whole world out there filled with others who are struggling through the same nightmare. So when I write, it's not just for me to share my experiences through all this... I would love to hear from you, too! My goal is to make this a place for us to share success stories, give comfort, provoke a smile, brainstorm ideas, and foster a little positivity with all this depressing shit, damn it! ;-)

So go ahead share your story, take a load off. And we can all be here with oodles of support, encouragement and hope for each other.

Ok I sound like a Hallmark card.
I'm such a sap!

Big hugs to you all. <3

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  1. Hey, I know you had some bad feedback on the IF board of The Bump when you were trying to post your blog. But I wanted to say thanks for posting it as I've been reading it and relate to a lot of what you're saying. Also, I wanted to tell you there is a DOR/POF check in every Wednesday on the Bump if you're interested in reading or participating.