May 10- What the....?!?

So last night I picked up some preg tests. Not because I thought I was pregnant, but more because of something my good friend from work said. My boobs have been killing me all week and I've been breaking out like crazy on my face and back. I just chalked it up to PMS, as I've been expecting the mother of all periods, as I haven't gotten once since getting off BC last August. My friend made a comment that she got like that really bad both times she was pregnant with her girls. So between that and Dr. Fu pointing out when I ovulated- which was right when we had sex a few days in a row- I figured what the hell...I knew it wouldn't read positive but didn't hurt to check.

I took the preg test stick out of the wrapper and set it on the bathroom counter. I usually have to pee in the early morning hours so I wanted to make sure I definitely used the first urine of the day. Sure enough my bladder woke me up around 5am, so I grabbed the stick and headed to the royal throne. I peed a lot (TMI) and with the light of my phone I checked the test window. Nothing. Not even in the control part. Just when I thought I somehow got a defective test, I realized my half asleep ass forgot to take the cap off. Nice. So I peed on the cap! Sigh... So I had to wait until next round....

The alarm and all it's pleasantries woke me up an hour later. I had to pee again so I grabbed a stick and this time, took the cap off! Waited a few minutes and checked (ok I was staring at it that whole time). Solid control line, light second line. Wait, what does that mean? Grabbed box to check. One line = Negative. Two lines = Positive. But this was a faint line. I walked to the kitchen to confer with the hubs.he looked at it just as quizzically as I did. No clue. I soon had to leave for work and took the other test with me.

When I got to work I immediately told my good friend what was going on. She fired back with, "and you better have brought the other one." I did. So I chugged my water, worrying that would dilute things too much and cause an inaccurate test result. Did the test again and damn it, same thing. Light second line. My friend demanded to see it and she said two lines is two lines, but I should go get a digital to be sure. I ran out and picked up a box of five. Heh...

By now I thought for sure there was no way this one was going to actually say "pregnant." The little hourglass timer thingy blipped on the screen for what seemed like an eternity. And then there it was. PREGNANT.

No. Flipping. Way.

My friend screamed and jumped up and down but I just still couldn't believe it. I emailed Dr. T. (Which was a reply to a string of emails back and forth regarding us making the incredibly difficult decision to jump into IVF within the next few days) and told him I had a few positive preg tests and asked what to do. He emailed right away to come in for blood test and a minute later the nurse called asking me the same. Unfortunately they close early Fridays and there was no way I'd make in time but they said I could come in at 9 the next day. Ahhhh waiting....

Even though the two more digital tests I took were both positive, the Hubs and I feel equally skeptical. I mean, we've had four Dr.'s in the past 4 months give the Donor Egg speech, two of which were just last week! We both feel like there was some strange explanation for all this and we are afraid to get our hopes up just to get let down. At this point, all we can do was wait...


  1. Did you just start doing BBT charting? How did you know when to start if you did not have a cycle? I think I'm going to incorporate this somehow.

    1. Honestly, I just randomly started one day. I did already know that my temp normally runs on the low side. I also had the feeling that my body was TRYING to function a little more each month. So I decided to start just to see what would happen. Having researched examples of BBT charts, I somewhat knew what pattern I was looking for. Within a few days my temp was climbing so I figured something was happening. It wasn't until later that I found out it actually did! If you want I can send you a pic of my chart so you can get an idea of what it looks like showing ovulation. Just let me know!

  2. Sure. What's your email address?

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