May 24- So Far So Good

Well... So far everything seems to be going smoothly. I went for my second blood test (Beta test) to see if the numbers doubled like they are supposed to and they did! They actually MORE than doubled! Score!! My TSH was a bit higher than the Dr. would like (my thyroid level) so they wanted me to come back in two days to get it retested to see if I needed to be put on medication to bring it down. It was at 3.5 and they want to keep it under 2. So I went back two days later and my numbers were still doing well but my TSH shot up to 5 in a matter of two days! So they immediately wrote me a script for Synthroid (50mg) and said that should bring my thyroid level down and keep it there. In the meantime, the Dr. wanted me to get a Cortisol test to make sure that wasn't rising along with my thyroid level. So of course I immediately researched the crap out of it. From what I gathered, he was most likely checking to make sure I didn't have adrenal fatigue, as having an elevated TSH along with Cortisol could be a sign of it. I received word back within a few days and my Cortisol came back normal. Whew! 

Next up... First ultrasound on the 29th!!!  The hubs and I seriously can't wait! It is SO incredibly nerve wracking!!! I just want to know everything is okay. 

Until then... :-)

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