May 6- Standing "O"vation

Last week, if you recall, while I was at my appointment with Dr. T. (the RE I liked) he did an ultrasound and said he saw some activity (Like my ovaries were playing tennis or something). He saw there were a few follicles in each ovary and one side looked like I ovulated. He immediately wanted my progesterone checked to verify. So I had my blood drawn in the office and was sent on my merry way. Dr. T. emailed me later that afternoon to let me know the test was somewhat inconclusive, with the number showing that I either already ovulated or was about to. And that if I didn't get my period by the weekend to come in Monday to get my progesterone rechecked.

So today was that Monday and I went in to do just that. Within a few hours I got a call from Dr. T's nurse letting me know that the test showed I had ovulated between my last visit and today, which was within a week. So the Dr. was right in thinking I was about to ovulate when he did the ultrasound. Now of course I'm wracking my brain wondering if any of the weird twinges I felt was me ovulating. That's the thing with not having a cycle...with every little odd feeling I am always wondering what the hell is going on down there! I asked the nurse a bajillion questions just to be sure SHE was sure I ovulated. And if that means I will definitely get a period. She said yes and I then clarified if she knows my situation- that I have POF and haven't had a period since I got off BC last summer- and she did.

So... I ovulated. Wow. Ok. I still kinda have this feeling of I'll believe it when I see it, ya know? And maybe the hesitance of being too excited also stems from the Dr. telling me not to get my hopes up too high because even though my cycle came back this month, it doesn't mean it will return the next month. That most people with my condition will get some kind if activity on occasion, but it could be just once a year, once every few years, or maybe a few months at a time. There's no predicting any of it. Sigh... It sounds negative, but I actually do appreciate his honesty. Keeps my reality in check.

Meanwhile while my ovaries are playing Russian Roulette, I'm wondering when AF is going to grace me with her presence and what that's going to be like. I've heard after not having it for so long it will come back with a vengeance. I imaging it will be something like this:

(It's an old SNL skit that is HILARIOUS)

That's pretty much how I imagine it going down. But all kidding aside, I don't care how bad it is, I welcome it with open arms! While I don't have any extreme PMS symptoms just yet, the boobs do hurt a bit and my face is looking like that of a greasy teenage fry cook. My forehead has broken out into a lovely constellation of zits. I'm pretty sure I see the Big Dipper. 

The Hubs and I talked about what this means and I mentioned that Dr. T. said if I do ovulate I'll get my period and then there may be some options, but we'd have to act fast because we don't know if my cycles will continue. So we decided I will write the Dr. tomorrow (he is really awesome with emailing back quickly) and ask him what treatment options there are if all of this truly comes to pass. I'll keep you posted...

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  1. I absolutely love your blog. It's so inspirational. I am going through the same thing and I hope that I have a happy ending like you did. I have so many questions but just a couple in particular. I'm on HRT estradiol every day and progesterone 10 days a month. After I finish the progesterone I have all the signs of ovulation (EWCM, tingly ovary area, etc). The doctors aren't hearing it! It's like they don't want even consider the possibility that my body may be trying to function properly. Anyway, like you I haven't had AF since i stopped BC. My skin has been so oily and breaking out (I've always had clear skin). Lately I feel flutters (lack of a better term) in my ovary area. My questions are, do you think the skin changes are a result of some positive hormonal changes? Am I crazy to believe I'm ovulating? Looking back do you recall how you felt prior to finding out you were pregnant (twinges, pains, gas/bloating, etc). Thanks!! And congrats!!