May 8- Decisions, Decisions...

Well, I wrote to Dr. T. and asked if I do get my period (which he says I will) what kind of options do we have? If we should jump on something because I might not get a cycle again or if we should chance it and start using a fertility monitor on the day of my period and try naturally. He responded shortly after and said it is up to us how long we want to wait. That we could try naturally and hope for my cycle to continue, but it's a total crapshoot. He explained that IF I do ovulate again I have about a 5-10% chance of getting pregnant. And that's a big IF. Dr. T. often reiterates that it's only a matter of time before my eggs run out and stop working for good due to my severe ovarian aging.
The other option he gave me is if I want to be aggressive and jump on IVF as soon as I get my period. I about fell out of my chair. Every Dr. I have seen (including this one) has given me the Donor Egg speech. There were no options. Ummm big decision much?? 

I had my weekly visit with my TCM yesterday and talked about the situation with her. She was surprised to hear the suggestion of IVF so quickly but understands why. I showed her my BBT Chart and she was able to instantly point out which day I ovulated. The positive thing is the hubs and I got it on the day before and day of so that was pretty good accidental timing! Now wouldn't that be something...  But I'm not getting my hopes up there. I'll still be happy to just get my period.

Anyway...on one hand I'm thinking if I ovulated this month maybe I will do it again next month. I've been sitting on a fertility monitor a friend gave me back in September
(not literally. What? That's not how you use it? LOL) And I could potentially start using it the day I get my period. I've read that using a fertility monitor can increase your chances by 50%, but it could also take a few cycles and I don't even know if I'll get another one after this or not. If I decide on trying IVF, I should be getting my period any day now so it's literally a matter of DAYS before I would have to start the process. It's expensive. Not that it will deter us from doing IVF, I just figured if it came to that we would have more time to be ready to drop that kind of cash. With the IVF the Dr. said I have about a 60% chance of it working. These repetitive thoughts keep bouncing back and forth in my head like a ping pong ball...what if I do get my cycle back for a few months? Then I could have a chance to try fertility monitor... but what if I decide to go that route and I don't get my cycle back. Then I will regret not trying and I don't know how I could live with that...AHHHHH!!!!  This is the hardest decision I've ever been faced with. Or am I being stupid? Should it just be a cut and dry decision to do it because I don't know if I will get the chance again. Ya know, the whole "when opportunity knocks" thing. But again... what if I wait and see and try naturally?  Ugh.... I don't know.

Then there's also the appointment I have with Dr. Check in Jersey next month. Plane ticket booked and all. I mean, if it meant being able to get pregnant here I am fine with not going to meet with h... Things are different right now than when I booked the trip and appt. But... That could change again at any moment...

I would love to hear from my readers on this... I know the decision is ultimately ours, but any advice or suggestions would be immensely appreciated. The protocol would be Microflare Lupron since I have diminished ovarian reserve. It's apparently the gold standard for people with DOR. Do I jump on it, do I wait and see?  Oy Vay. My head is spinning...


  1. Of course the decision is up to you, but as a (pregnant!) fellow POF gal, I wanted to give you my two cents! I *never* ovulated two times in a row. My RE kept guessing that my ovaries would be in a "window of working" and always recommended trying stims during cycles after I ovulated. And then I never ovulated those cycles (we did this three times). It took about a year for me to figure out that I am several times more likely to ovulate on a cycle immediately following a period that was induced by progesterone. I'm 100% sure that's how I got pregnant (thank you HRT!) with my own egg and without IVF or IUI.

    I think docs are often just guessing with us... I'm glad I didn't jump on the IVF and spend all that money without first learning how my own body was working. We did drop a couple grand on those failed stims, but I suppose that's better than a failed IVF! Good luck with your decision!

  2. I have been following your posts... I don't have an answer, but as a fellow POF'er I wish you the best of luck! Once my cycles went away they never came back unfortunately (without HRT). I ended up doing DE and have two perfect babies! However, I fought the fight until I my FSH climbed so high that I gave up. After my twins came, I tried accupuncture last year and it just didn't do anything and the horrendous night sweats reappeared even with herbs. I have thought about trying a different accupuncturist, but honestly at this point I feel like I would be grasping at staws for my own personal situation as my boys are now 2 and I may have ovulated once in the last two years.

    JEN-- I am curious how you were using HRT when you conceived? Were you using every month or you used one month and then stopped the following and ovulated?

  3. I would do a natural ivf cycle. Pls ask our RE .

  4. Our IF diagnosis was male factor and DOR. We did 3 IUIs before moving forward with IVF. I think most thought we were ridiculous for even trying the IUIs, but we had to take that those steps for our own peace of mind before we could move forward with IVF. It's certainly a personal decision and its YOUR journey, YOUR life, YOUR body and YOUR family. Our moto has always been to travel the road of least regret.

    All of that being said, my advise to you is to bank embryos. I would even go a step further and genetically test your embryos if that is affordable for you. Why? So you will have multiple chance and so you could potentially have more than one child (if that's your desire).

    Good luck to you and remember to be kind to yourself. Hugs!

  5. Thank you for your blog. I don't have the right answer for you, only you do. I will simply share a few things from my experience. The first is that if you have high FSH, ovulation predictor kits tend to be unreliable (high fsh effects LH, or something like that). Second, no regrets is the way to go. I would keep your appt. with Dr. Check. Third, I have POF and messed around for 2 years with natural cycles, T.I., and now I wish I would have moved much sooner to bank embryos or tried IVF while I was having more regular cycles.

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